A few weeks ago, we took a trip to New York When you think of New York most people think of New York City or the big Apple. We didn’t even go close to the city. We visited upstate New York.

It was the 4th of July when we cam in so we stayed over night at Niagra Falls, and enjoyed the fireworks over the water. The falls were amazing and we learned they generate electricty with the power from the falls.

The next day we went to Buffalo. We were able to meet some amazng people from of our card team. We now have new friends we’d met thru the internet and now for real. We had dinner and visited with them and had a great time. One couple owns a candle store in several of the malls there. We had a tour of the factory and saw how they create all the candles by hand. It was amazing. The also sell online and have the most amazing candles in the world. Their store is called Pure Integrity. If you’re in Buffalo, look for them in the mall, or go to their online store if you’re looking for candles.

From Buffalo, we went upstate to New Hartford, and Utica area. We were taking out on a boat on the finger lakes, and had dinner on the 4th lake. I also met a wonderul woman blogger that was on twitter and facebook. We had a great time. We visited relatives as well as other members of our card team.

From Utica we went to the Syracuse area, and met with some relatives, as well as some of more of my team members. It’s great to be in a business where you can travel and have friends wherever you go.

The upstate area of New York has some beautiful lakes and rivers. The weather was warm but not hot and muggy. We had one hot day but with out the humidity we experience in Florida.

New York also has some of the best Italian food in the entire world. I wish some of the New Yorkers would move to Florida to open restaurants. There just is no italian food like New York Italian. We had Pizza, Calzone, stuffed shells, Lasagna and it was all wonderful. I guess we also gained 10 or 20 pounds in the time there.

If you’ve not yet visited upstate New York, I highly recommend it.


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