Have you ever noticed that there are people you enjoy being around and others that you would rather avoid. Negative people drag you down. I avoid them myself like the plague.

Some people make the room light up when they walk in and others seem to make it light up when they leave. There are just some people have a tendency to whine and complain and want to nit pick over every little detail, while others just take it as it is and go on to be a big success.

They say you should associate with those you want to be like. Hang around with positive motivated people and you become positive and motivated. Hang around with those that whine and complain and you become whiney. Learn to become a winner and never a whiner. There is only one letter difference.

Everyone has a choice, we can chose to win or we can watch others pass us buy as they head for the top.

We all have the EXACT same opportunity. We all have the same products, the same company. The only difference is the effort we put fort to get out and make things happen to grow our business.

We can WHINE and make excuses about why we’re not growing, OR we can get out and do the things it takes to make our business grow.

Cream rises to the top. Spend quality time with quality people and your business will grow.

Say LESS to MORE people and never try to drag, or convince anyone. IF they do not see the big picture, they smply will never make it. NOTHING you can do will chage that.

Bucke down, do the work, and make things happen. You can build a solid foundation, with lots and lots of other winners, and make a good income. You can also hand around people that whine and complian and let them drag you down. That is your choice.

You can make MONEY or EXCUSES, but never both at the same time. Winners find a way to make things happen, losers find a way to blame someone else.

People that chose to be winners, never make excuses. They just buckle down and make things happen. We all run into obstacles, and things we didn’t plan to happen, but we find a way to work them out.

Put a roadblock in my path, and I will find a way OVER, around or Through it. I decided LONG LONG Ago, that quitting was NEVER an option I would take. I decided also that I would by CHOICE become a success in the field of network marketing, and I would never stop till I reached the top.

I’ve had to change companies, and start over a few times, due to bad choices, inexperience, unethical people, or some that just closed down. I could have taken the easy way out, and just thrown in the towel and became one of those silly MLM bashers that say things don’t work. Instead, I chose to move on, use my experiences to judge what NOT TO DO, and chose a better company.

Through it all, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. I look at it as an education in live. I am VERY Excited to have found an answer and am able to be FREE, to come and go as I please, work where and when I want, and make a difference.

That did not happen because I sat down and make excuses.I made a conscious choice to go to work and MAKE it happen. You can do, but it starts and ends with YOU! No one will be able to do if FOR you, but yourself.

Everyone has CHOICES to make. Everyone has the SAME 24 hours in a day. Most people have JOBS to go to and are doing this part time. I used to be one of them.

When I worked in Corporate America, I got up an extra hour early to work my business, many times I ran home on my lunch hour to answer mail, and then I worked 3-4 hours (sometimes more at night on by business) I stayed up an extra hour or 2. I also
worked weekends and learned to work recruiting into my lifestyle so no matter where I went I had a 60 second commercial to tell someone, and of course got their # or email to follow up.

I can relate well to working full time and building part time because I did that for a number of years. I’ve never been afraid of work. I was raised to get a job, work 40 years and then get a pension and a gold watch. That does NOT happen these days/

So we all have choices. We can chose to work FOR someone else OR we can chose to build a future for ourselves. We can chose to be a WHINER and complain about all the things wrong OR we can chose to be a WINNER, buckle down and get busy
making things happen.


Remember, you do have to CHOOSE!!!!!


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