One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when starting Lead Generation Tipsor expanding their business online, is to not get a custom domain name for their business.  Often I see business cards, print ads, even television commercials that have s domain name in the following format “please visit my site at”. Another common format, 

Folks, these are just not professional, period!  This does not mean you have to go out and develop a new, unique website before you can start your business.  Especially if your business opportunity company or up-line gives you a replicated site.  It does mean that you need to go an buy a domain name for $10 a year, and redirect it to your replicated site name.

This is not a difficult process, wherever you register your domain name, they will usually tell you how to do this, and often even prompt you to redirect it when you register.  In this case, you simply paste in your replicated URL, and then after it propagates or resolves (usually 30 min to a couple hours), when someone types in your  custom domain name, they will see the completed redirect site.  This is not the perfect situation, as you do not have full control over a redirect site.  However it is a much better situation than sending them to a hard to enter or remember domain name, and it is fine for you to get started in your business without having to spend hundreds on a new website and content.

Also think about the perception.  If you are presenting yourself as an expert in your opportunity, product, and service, or as a professional business owner, what do you think your prospects are going to think if you can’t afford to or take the time to have a custom domain?  They won’t think you are very serious about your business, and unless they are friends or family just being nice, they will not likely do business with you.

So take that quick, extra step and $10 and make your business look top notch!


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