I want to thank all you great online people, promoting shakes, protein drinks and weight loss products. Over the years, I’ve tried many or most of those products and lost weight. They did work when I stuck to the norm of 2 shakes, one meal a day and lots of exercise.

The only problem I had when I went back to eating normal food 3 times a day I gained all the weight back and then some. I was like a yoyo for years. I went up and down, started and stopped “diets” I was not a gym person so really didn’t like that type of exercise.

Unfortuntely, after I lost weight, I burned out and could not bring myself to live on a diet of shakes forever. Once I went back to eating, the weight came back. I was trapped into a yoyo cycle. From the latest rounds of promotions and challenges I’ve seen online, and on TV, I was inspired to do something about getting off the excess pounds. I have had several health challenges and I knew I needed so lose the weight. Your promotions challenged me to THINK and look at alternatives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for inspring me to find another way. Your online challeges inspired me, as I saw so much talk about losing weight. I also saw many awesome looking photos of thin people. The only problem is many of them I knew were already thin before but they were an inspiration to me to get to look like them, so I used the photos you posed as an incentive.

I’m happy to say as of the end of August (90 days after starting my first 90 day challenge to myself) I was down 25 pounds. I was very thrilled with that as I did it my way. My way is a totaly new way of living life FOREVER. I counted the 90 days as you advertised to see what I can do in a 90 day block doing it my way. It worked. Now I’ll see what I can do for a 2nd 90 days.

I do have to admit something to you. I didn’t use those tablets, or weight loss shakes you may have talked about. I looked into those at first, however, I told myself “STOP”. I knew I’d tried that before, and this time I was looking for a weight loss I could maintain for life.

I also am more health conscious since I have some heart problems. I’ve learned to be better at reading labels and studying what I eat. The only shakes I found were loaded with SOY, Whey and many things that were not too healthy for me. So, I found an alternative challenge and lost my weight on my own plan. :))) Since I’m not selling any weight loss products, I have nothing to gain or lose by sharing.

If you want to know how I lost 25 pounds and how I’m doing on my 2nd 90 day challenge which should go thru the holidays, feel free to contact me. Just fill in the form on my blog and I’ll share my secret with you. I also will have NOTHING to gain by sharing with you, so you can feel free to chat with me.

My vision and goal is to lose another 25 pounds by year end, and enjoy the holidays as I do it. Remember, losing weight, building a business, or anything you want to accomplish must start in your own mind first. You make up your mind, set a plan, work that plan and succeed.

There is nothing wrong with doing things your way. The only thing to remember, is you have to decide to do something DIFFERENT that what you are doing now. If you are overweight and know it, and want to lose, what you’re eating now is killing you. You have to be willing to change and know that the change is FOREVER. It’s nothing you start and stop, it’s a lifestyle.


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