I had an old friend from elementary school, catch up with me about a year or so ago. We met for lunch and caught up on old times. It was a lot of fun.

We vowed to stay in touch, and we have met for lunch several times, before she left the state for her 2nd home. She lives in the north 6 or 7 month of the year and then in Florida the rest of the time.

About 2 months ago, we met for lunch again, and I was stunned. She had lost about 25 pounds and was thin and trim. I asked her what she had done to lose all that weight, and she said she went to Weight Watchers.

I thought a little about that, and realized that most people I see that lose weight and keep it off, seem to go to Weight Watchers. I have been there myself over the years, a few times and it does work if you stick with it.

Obviously I didn’t. LOL LOL I guess I’ll give it another try, and I’ll keep you all posted with things I learn. I guess if you want to do anything, you have to stick with it. :))


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