I know some people seem to be wild about vidoe chats and web cams.    I don’t happen to be on  of them.

I’ve worked online from home for years.  I love the ability to hope across the hall to my office, jump online and chat with my team, or prospects.  I do not want to feel like I have to get dressed up and put on make up to be online.   I choose to work in comfort, that’s why I love my home based business.

Occasionally I will flip on my web cam when someone calls, but only if I’ve done my makeup and hair to go out or just come home.    A lot of times I’m online in my casual clothes or even PJ’s.  That is the beauty of a home business.

I guess web cam’s are good occasaionally but certainly not all the time.   What do you think of Web Cams?  Do you use them all the time, Occasionally or never?


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