We flew out to visit Denver last month.  I’d been out to the area several years ago but only in the summer and for a quick trip up to the Ft Collins area, so had not seen much of the metro Denver area.

We visited the Lakewood area and took a trip up to the Evergreen Mountains and Red Rock area.  It’s a very beautiful area.

Hone based business freedom

They have an outdoor section for concerts right in the mountain.  It was pretty cool

Of course, you’re not allowed to climb the mountains per the warning signs:

While going up to Evergreen, we saw real life “ELK”.  That may not seem amazing to those of you living out west, however, to someone from Florida I was surprised to see them just blending in with the traffic.   They even went to the corner, where the crosswalk was, and waited for the light to change, and all crossed the street.   It was fascinating.   Here they are waiting for the light to change:

I was amazed to see these Elk just grazing as they waited for the light to change to green.  When it did, they all linked up in the crosswalk and crossed to the other side as the cars stopped and waited for them.   It was so funny to see, almost as they knew it was their turn to go.

We also went and up and saw the tunnels they had built right into the mountains:

As you can see here the cars just drive right thru the carved out areas of the mountain.   Again, you westerners may not think a thing of that, but coming from Florida we don’t even have many hills much less mountains like this.

We visited just at the right time, it was chilly but not yet freezing.  The one thing I found about the weather at that time of year (mid November) is it changes 2 or 3 times a day.   One day it was clear and sunny, which meant COLD, and 3 hours later you’d see the black clouds headed over the mountain, winds picked up to 50-60 MPH and big snow drops came down.  They called it a “blizzard”, however, it lasted only about 1-2 hours.   Following that,  the sun came back out, winds stopped and the snow melted off right away.

The air is quite DRY and thin.   No humidity at all, so it does take time to adjust when you come from a humid area like Florida.

I was told that each day, there could be 2 or 3 different weather patterns so if you start the day in shorts,  better have some jeans or jackets with you as that changes almost instantly.

As you can see we had on jackets here at Red Rock.  It was chilly but not really extremely cold.   We saw on the weather reports the day before there were blizzards higher up in other mountain areas, but they day we drove up, you can see the snow was almost gone.

If you fly out for a visit,  please not  they airport is way out of the way from most places.  We did pass the football stadium on the way back to the airport.  We stayed in the Lakewood area, which was about 30 -45 minutes from the airport.   Traffic on the interstates was quite heavy, like a normal large city.

All in all I think Denver was a nice place to visit.  They have some beautiful scenery,  great restaurants,  and interesting things to see.   I don’t think I’d want to live there for good.


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