Before making my own switch, I decided to visit an Apple Store. If you visit one, be sure to find one in your area, and set up a shopping appointment. That does not mean you have to buy one.

Shopping at Apple is a unique experience. You make your appointment and show up with a list of all your questions. The Apple sales team does not make commissions. They are there to educate you and help you with all your questions. They never high pressure you into a sale, in fact, they encourage you to take your time and get all your questions answered first.

I visited several times before buying. What finally made up my mind to buy, was that I could bring in my old PC, and they would move over all my files, so that was no longer a worry.

For my first Apple, I chose the IMAC. It’s a cool desk top that looks like a monitor, however, that is the entire computer. Having gone thru 3 or 4 large computers, that took up space, it was nice to have the added space.

We brought in my old computer, left it with the tech people. While they were making the transfer, we went down to the office store to buy a new laser printer. With your MAC, you have a choice of a ink jet printer most of the time, but I wanted a laser.

In the time we went to the office supply, picked out a printer and returned, we found the transfer done. I was impressed. We took home the IMAC. I was excited to start learning all about it. I also was very surprised how fun and easy it was.

There are also things you can add on to a MAC when you buy one. Things like Mobile Me, the Protection Plan (which includes phone support and help when you’re stuck), and One On One. I’ll share what each is in another post.

If you are considering making the switch to Apple, I highly encourage you to set an appointment, and go take a look. Ask questions. Play with the Apples in the store, and see what you think.


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