With the release of Lion, I learned a few things. Don’t upgrade right away until you get feedback from the early birds. Also, it’s a memory hog so you may need more memory.

I decided to get set up to wait and carried in my IMAC to the apple store. Unfortuantely, Apple does not even stock memory. They said I could order it online, and bring it back in OR I could check Best Buys.

Since I was out and about, I went over to Best Buys. The Geek squad took the memory from the shelf, and said come back in an hour (after I paid about $150 in advance. I went to lunch and then came back an hour later. They said the memory didn’t work, and refunded my money.

I asked around and someone told me to go to Crucial.com so I did. On their site they had a little testor to test to see what memory I needed. Their price was only $49 for 2 – 2 meg sticks and it said it was guaranteed compatible, so I ordered it.

They were very efficient and the memory arrived 2 days later. I went to YouTube and watched their “how to” video twice. Then I got brave and put my IMAC on the kitchen counter, and opened it up.

I was shocked at how easy it was. The hardest part was pulling out the old memory sticks, as I could not reach them. I called the Crucial people to be sure I was doing it right, and they stayed on the phone with me and told me step by step what to do.

What GREAT customer service! I put the IMAC back together, plugged it in and tested it and found I had double the memory.

SO…. if you’re planning to add memory to your IMAC, try the do it yourself way. If a blonde with no hardware skill scan do it anyone can.


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