I just returned from a great trip to Hollywood (Floridat that is).   It was a lot of fun and a great weekend.  I went with some wonderful people.

Things didn’t go as planned.  Arriving at our hotel, we found it was really NOT the type we normally would stay at.  Lesson learned.  Photos online can be deceiving.    Since we were meeting a few dozen others there, we were stuck as it would be hard to find 12-15 rooms when the event we came for was only hours away, so we made the best of it.   It ended up being one of the best trips ever and we enjoyed a lot of laughter.

We went out to dinner, getting lost a dozen times along the way.  Finally, the waiter at the restaurant we were meeting at came onto the phone and guided us there step by step for 15 minutes.   We though we were lost forever, but we finally found our way.     We laughed so hard tears were coming out of our eyes.  Later on we found we were right around the corner.

Hollywood is an interesting place.   It’s stuck between Ft Lauderdale to the north and Hallendale to the south and just a little above North Miami Beach.     I’ve been down to Ft Lauderdale many times on cruises as well as Miami but never noticed the little places in between.

We went to a fantastic event and mingled with some amazing people that night and the next day.

Coming back to the hotel, we were warmly greeted by the front desk folks.  The hotel was sort of yucky but the personnell were amazing.   We thought they should get a job at a high end hotel.   On the flip side, we were at a high end hotel and the personnel there were sort of rude and snobbish.

We spent time visiting and just had a fantastic time.   It goes to show you, no matter what the circumstances in your life if you can laugh about it, things go well.

Laughter is great medicine.  If you’re feeling down laugh.   Hollywood is a neat little place.   Visit sometime, just don’t trust the photos on the internet to be what you see when you get there.


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