I haven’t had a small car in probably 10-15 years. I decided to take a look at one for a 2nd car to use for around town. I went to test drive the Toyota Prius because I’d heard how great they are.

I found there were 2 models a V and a C. One was smaller and got about 55 MPG. The larger one got about 50. They also just introduced a station wagon model.

I found the car to be extremely quiet. You couldn’t even tell it was running. It runs on both battery and gas. We were told that when you stop for a light no gas is used as it turns into electric.

It drove fairly smooth however, you could tell it was a small car. You could feel bumps a lot more than in a larger vehicle.

I was very disappointed to see there were not many of the cars that had leather. The dealership must have had 60-70 of these cars on the lot and only could find ONE with leather. I was very disappointed to see that while the seats were leather, the entire doors including arm rests were made with cheap material felt, much like the headliner. I would never want a car that had that kind of door.

Even the top of the line one with leather had that crappy type door. For that reason and also the fact that I’ve heard pros and cons about how you’d not save much on gas, when you have to replace that battery I ruled out this car.


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