I decided it’s time to downsize.

I was intrigued with the information from Weight Watchers, that I looked into a month or so ago.   I decided to join, and did so about 4 weeks ago with a friend.   I thought I’d keep everyone updated over time to see if and how it works.

One main thing I noticed,  is it really seems to make you think before eating anything.  You can have anything you want just within reason, and their serving sizes.   It seems to work, as I’ve been going now for about 4 weeks with a friend as well.  In that time I’ve lost 8 pounds, and my friend has lost approximately the same.

One of the main things I learned, is  most restaurants  and places we go serve portions that are 2-3 times more than we need.  I’ve learned to just eat smaller portions.  It makes it easy because Weight Watchers has a phone ap that does all the tracking, and before you go to eat something,  you can look up the point value.   You can also have all the fruits and vegetables you want so you’re really not hungary.

I think it’s probably one of the better plans I’ve seen because they teach you  how to monitor what you eat and it’s much healthier.  If you want to lose weight, check around your area to see if they have a weight watchers near you.


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