Many people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and 5-10 years to go to college. They graduated with a degree, and then return to get a masters degree. They work hard and come out of school with large debt, a piece of paper and get to now interview for a job and hope they will start out at a decent salary to start repaying their loans.

Have you giving any thought to your future? What does it hold for you?

What if you decided to put in the same time, invest a few hundred dollars into your business, and grow it over that time period? Did you ever think about that? Where would you be in 5-10 years?

Sure you may have a family. You may have a 40 hour job, if you’re on of the lucky ones these days. Do you truly want to live paycheck to paycheck forever? Do you have enough money to save for your retirement?

Unfortunately times have changed. Years ago people worked 40 years or so and retired with a gold watch and a great pension. Not so today. Today if you have a job, you are told be thankful and work harder for less money. Many are reaching retirement age and finding the pension they thought they had no longer exists. Many find they are laid off before they can collect anything.

What about you? What are YOUR plans for the future?

The only one that can do anything about your future is YOU. What are you willing to do to secure it? Only you have the answer.


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