Too often all we hear from people are complaints or whining about what they don’t have.  I’ve learned over the years you get back what you send out.  If you’re always whining and complaining, then you’ll get more problems back.

Instead of complaining, what would happen if you started to give thanks for what you do have?
Ask yourself,  what are you thankful for?
Do you have good health? Do you have any wonderful friends?  Do you have a great family?  Do you have food to eat and clothes to wear?
No matter what your situation is,  if you start to share things that you are grateful for, more good things will come your way.  Try it.
I’m participating in a 30 day gratitude challenge and seeing some amazing results.   If you think you might like to do the same thing, let me know.  I can show you how to participate in sharing this with others.  It will cost you about a dollar a day to send out gratitude to many and join me in this crusade.
If you take me up on the challenge and find after a full 30 days, you don’t see a major impact in your life,  let me know.  I can guarantee you’ll get profound impact, and if not, I’ll give you your $30 back when you show me that you did this challenge for 30 days
Feel free to contact me for more details.  Hope you’re having a remarkable week.


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