Apple Computers

Apple is an example of an amazing company that gives quality service. I moved over to Apple about 9 years ago, and love them.

People ask me all the time how I can justify the cost of a MAC when PC’s are so much cheaper. For one thing, I have a friend that is a PC buff. I’ve wanted him go thru 3 computers and my 2007 IMAC is still working fine.

Also a MAC comes with all the software you need, and will let you open, read, edit and change Microsoft Office documents, powerpoint and excel. I have never had any issue using the documents on my MAC’s.

IF I have anything I want checked, I can go make an appointment at the genius bar and they test out my mac and check it out. They also offer Apple Care, I can call and talk to a tech anytime and they can help me….it’s just rarely I need to call, cause I don’t have many issues.

Having been a Windows user for 20 plus years, before switching to MAC, the hardest thing I had to learn was not to think so hard. Apple makes things simple.

They also do not nickel dime you to death with software costs. Everything you need it built in. When they have a new versions of the operating system, you can easily back up your old version and install the new most of the time FREE of charge.

They are also seamless. I can work on a document on my MAC, and then go to my laptop and pick up where I left off. If I put a contact into my IPHONE, it goes to my MAC, IMAC and IPAD also, so I don’t have to type it in all 4 places.

If you have never used to tried an APPLE computer, before you judge, go visit a MAC store and play around with them. They are pretty amazing. One thing to warn you though, they are ALWAYS busy, day or night, the store has lots of people. Everyone loves to visit and play with all the new gadgets and they encourage that. They also have lots of free classes you can go to, and learn new tips and tricks.

Apple is a innovative and the leading edge of the future. I would recommend them highly.



I’m not talking about a lion in a zoo.  Lion is apples newest operating system.  It’s been out about a year and I hear soon to be replaced with Mountain Lion.   It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest technology.

Having just bought the new air,  Lion came on it, so I jumped in and started using it.  Apple appears to be making the operating system more like the phones and iPads where you can swipe and use gestures.  So far other than being able to set up and leave desktops in tack and swipe over to the next one,  I don’t see a hugh change in most other things.

There is an new iPhoto and Mail added a few features, but if you had a MAC before it’s easy to use the new stuff.   I’ve found the transition almost seamless.   Apple does have a tendency to make things simple.  Simple is usually best.

If you haven’t taken the plunge,  I would highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon and moving to Apple.  If you’ve been waiting,  nothing more to wait for.  Just do it.


Notice to all Mac users

This i sa notice to all MAC Users.

Mobile Me is going away in June 2012. IF you haven’t moved to the cloud you have to do so this month. The Cloud is not compatible with Snow Leopard or lower but you can move just your MAC mail over if you don’t want to upgrade to Lion.

Check their site at Log in and choose the option to move your mail only.

I’m sad to see Mobile Me go yet the ICloud is supposed to be an improvement.  I don’t want to upgrade so I guess the clouse will only work with my mail and my phone until I go to Mountain Lion.

Just thought I’d let everyone know so time doesn’t run out on you.   I love my Apple, however,  I guess it’s time to get a brand new one, as I don’t want to make the upgrade switch.


I’m Sold On Apple.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend time with family and friends. Hard to believe another Christmas has passed already.

I also hope today there are many new MAC users, and lots of new MACS were under the Christmas trees. I’m sold on Apple.

I guess you could say I’m a total Apple convert. For about 10 years, my friends with Apples, were forever telling me to get a MAC. I thought about it, even went to the Apple store to look but always chickened out.

In the back of my mind, having had a PC for 10 + years, I thought the learning curve would be great. Finally one day, after fighting with my PC, I took it to a PC store, and found it had over 80 viruses. The was despite the fact that I ran a virus program religiously. I had enough and decided to go to the “dark” side.

Buying my very first MAC was quite an experience. The manual it came with was no bigger than 8 small pages. I brought it home and plugged it in and then wondered what to do. I called the Apple line to ask what next and they informed me that all I needed to do was check for software upgrades, run them and I was good to go.

The hardest thing I had to learn was NOT to think so hard. If you think logically you can easily learn an Apple without jumping thru hoops. It was the best decision I ever made.

They say if you go MAC you’ll never go back, and I can vouch for that.