For many years, I had friends that had apples. I had a PC. I fought with all sorts of things. I learned how to defrag, backup, clear out cookies, temp files, set up multiple virus protection programs. I also learned how to fix most things, although many times my Apple friends would tell me I should move to Apple.

For many years I didn’t. In the back of my mind, I think I believed if I switched, I would spend a lot of time relearning everything. I also didn’t understand how I’d ever see my excel or word documents again.

SO I struggled and fought with Windows for years. I went from Win 3, to Win 95, Win 98, and XP. With each update, something didn’t work right. It would take days and weeks of trying to fix and adjust. Then came “VISTA”. Fortunately I decided NOT to switch. I kept XP.

Even with XP though, a lot of time was wasted anytime I’d buy any new hardware. I also had to take the PC to the shop, and have viruses removed despite the fact that I ran virus software religiously.

I was always one that my job used to use to DEBUG things, because If it was going to break I could break it. I did many things they didn’t think could be done.

Finally, one day my husband had a major PC issue and he called Microsoft. After about 5-6 hours on the phone with techs that barely spoke English, following their directions, his PC ended up trashed. It had 2 operating systems and no files.

I let him Know I was not up to the task of figuring out how to fix, and reinstalling everything, so I told him the choice was his; figure it out him self or buy a MAC. I wanted to see what all the MAC users kept telling me, but wasn’t quite sure I wanted to put my business on hold to relearn everything.

So my husband got the first MAC.

For those of you considering making the transition, I’ll share be sharing what I learned along the way as we are now 100% MAC users.


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