I’ve been known online as MLMBlonde for many years. I make a full time living in the network marketing industry. I only support and work with those of the highest ethics and integrity.

I have taken a strong stance against dishonest companies, and only represent those that treat distributors honestly & fairly. TRUTH and JUSTICE is the ONLY answer. I’ve learned from past experiences that NOT all companies are equal.

When I found the MLM industry, I fell in LOVE.

I immediately recognized it as a way for regular folks like myself to build a good solid income and be independent. I was very excited.

I was looking for a way out of the “JOB” World.

Truthfully, I was tired of making someone else rich. I came to realize that trading time for dollars just was not for me. Having been raised to think it necessary to have a job, at the time, I didn’t know any other way. I did know there had to be a better life.

I didn’t have thousands of dollars for a franchise. Even if I had, I had enough sense to realize that a franchise also meant being tied to long hours to start up. Working seven days a week at a retail location trying to make a go of it wasn’t very appealing.

I knew I wanted to be free to come and go as I pleased without all those headaches and responsibilities. So when I found the MLM (aka Network Marketing) industry, I knew I found the answer. I wanted to be a part of it. So, I jumped in with both feet!

I studied.

I learned.

I read books and listened to tapes.

I followed all the advice of those millionaires that claim to be experts.

They told me to focus on ONE company and not be distracted. Of course the one was always theirs, and I didn’t know enough yet how to find the right one.

At the time I thought it was great advice, however, later learned I had some homework to do.

I ran into many companies that became greedy. I ran into others that changed the rules. I ran into some that just plain lied and others that went out of business.

I also didn’t know how to check out and pick a sponsor. I was very gullible and believed the best in everyone. My mistake

I ran into sponsors that lied, stole, and cheated.

I even had a partner once that took advantage of me and had me doing all the work, while she took all the $$$!!

I never once thought of quitting, as that was not in my vocabulary. I learned some lessons the hard way.

Expert Advice….Not So Expert!

So, I’ve been around the block a few times.

What I learned was, if I listened to all those EXPERTS, and followed their advice, I would be no better off than being in the JOB world I was trying to get out of. I could spend my time, spin my wheels, make great strides, only to have the rug pulled out from under me any time they cared to change the rules.

I learned to become more dillgent and check out the people I became associated with.

Just Remember: NEVER let ANYONE or ANYTHING steal your dreams!

Survivor Success Story

Fast forward………

So, here I am, many years later. I’ve become what those experts will tell you does NOT exist.

I have developed true RESIDUAL income. I have time for the grandkids, vacationing AND helping others.

I have built an amazing company and opportunity. I have checks coming in when I’m on vacation no matter where I am.

I stand up for truth and justice and will am making a difference. To get where I am today:

* I have had to start over many times.

* I spent a lot of time and money, because I refused to compromise. I found out along the way that sometimes the people behind some of those companies are corrupt, greedy or even lie.

* I will NOT lie and mislead people. When I found things were not as represented, I learned from the mistake, left and started over again.

Let’s Hear it For The Learning Curve

I started over many times and believe me, I took my learning curve along with me.

* I learned to use my intuition.

* I learned about how to attract the right people into my business.

* And look for the right leadership in companies.

All this so I could build my business with integrity and honor.

I’m proud to say that today, I work with some of the best, most honest people in the world. People with heart that truly care about the everyday person and I am very grateful for that.

I am attracting into my life a team of the most wonderful people in the world. I work with people that have character and have learned the laws of attraction and how to get what they want in life. I’m honored to be part of making a difference in our industry and cleaning it up, and standing up for truth and justice for the average person.

Magic of Multiples and Team Building

Today, I truly have true residual income. I receive a few checks from things I build prior and a very good income from my present NWM company.

I receive checks weekly and monthly, and I’m enjoying life.

I work because I want to not because I have to. My mission is to help others achieve their dreams and make a difference. I’m enjoying building and working with amazing leaders. I enjoy seeing them have great success.

Leaders are developed.

I would rather work with someone that has NO experience at all, yet is willing to learn. Someone that is teachable and coachable is so much better than someone that brags about how they have some sort of great organization of thousands just ready to follow them jump in, if I make them some sort of a special deal or offer.

Sorry, I don’t do deals. Most people that brag and talk like that rarely produce anything as they are stuck on themselves.

If a person truly has thousands willing to follow them, then why would they need anyone to make a special deal for them?

I work for my team. I believe in them.

I love watching new people grow and learn. It’s fun to watch them rise up into future leaders. I do this by caring about others, not stepping on them.

I believe in our industry and I want to be a small part in the process of bringing back the integrity and driving out the hype and bull associated with it. I will tell you the TRUTH not just what you WANT to hear.

There is NO free lunch; you don’t get rich jumping in fast into every deal that comes along.

There is not a “system” out there that will make you rich without you talking to poeple. There is no system that will do the work for you. If you want serious long term residual income, you have to get yourself involved in growing that business.

Use some common sense!

Don’t you think if we could all jump into something for free, and just tell the world so they would jump in for free, that we’d all be rich and retired?

Don’t you think if here was TRULY a system, that you could join that would do all the work for you, everyone would be rich and independent?

I’m sorry but I really have NEVER seen anyone in this industry using one of those “systems” they try to sell you be a top earner.

Hmmmm.somehow, it just doesn’t work that way.

But I Want Big Business and I want it NOW! That is short term thinking.

Building a business takes time, effort and work on your part. It does not mean you have to go out and buy this and that. It does not mean you have to invest $29-50/mo or more in some fancy system. That only makes the inventor of the system rich. Just pass when offered that stuff.

You have to learn to lay the proper foundation, first, before you start to put up the walls. Building a house of sand only causes you to crumble and fall.

Treat your business as a business and give yourselves time to learn and grow.

If money is a problem for you, and you’re looking for a quick fix, you won’t find it online jumping into the latest deals.

SORRY…that’s the facts.

If you are dead broke, get a JOB, or a second job, and save up some money, while you look for a business that suits you. When you find it, turn off that boob tube and spend time going to work and learning the skills necessary to build a successful business.

Failing Forward and Frauds

YES, I am free and independant.

I did NOT do that overnight. It took years of mistakes and the school of hard knocks.

I built one solid business. I learned as I failed my way along.

I had NO support at the time.

I had no leadership to look to for answers.

So I learned to read, listen to tapes and train myself. I followed the advice of experts, and I agree with lots of them.

MOST of those same experts, turn around and sell books, tapes, leads, web sites and other junk to their downlines. They, themselves, have multiple incomes from selling stuff to their own teams!

I don’t believe in selling things to my team. I find that obnoxious and refuse to partipate in that sort of thing.

Tools For Teaching

I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money over the years, developing tools and things for my own teams, but I have NEVER charged them for anything.

My thinking is: I make money when my new leaders succeed and do well, not by selling them lots of stuff.

So, these experts that say to FOCUS, then turn around and try to sell you all these things and make money. I do not believe in that at all.

So, which version do you prefer?


I want to make a difference in our industry.

I want to help others reach their dreams. I want to work with people willing to be coached and willing to go to work. They have to be willing to do the things it takes and not make excuses. They have to actually WANT to succeed. Those kinds of people I can work with.

While I do have multiple income streams, I don’t recommend that for the faint of heart OR for the person just starting out.

I teach to pick ONE thing, learn it well. Give it 1-2 years of hard work and effort.

Learn all about your company, your product line, your team and engage in learning about YOURSELF.

Learning about YOU is most important of all!


Learn about you and WHY you even want a business.

What is your reason?

Don’t say MONEY…because money is NOT a reason. Money is a result of success, not the true reason.

Money can buy the things you want: a house, a car, or whatever, but it is ultimately NOT anyone’s, “Why”.

The Truth About Money

When you quit focusing on money, it starts to flow in.

It comes in when you learn the principles, learn what you want and “why” you want it.

I can’t explain it, I don’t understand it myself, but when I learned the principles of the laws of attraction, I began attracting the right people into my life.

People found me.people that wanted to learn and were teachable. They were willing to do the things it took to succeed and we began to work together.

It became fun and the more fun I had the more success I enjoyed.

Opportunity is Knocking

The right companies began popping into my life.

I didn’t search out and plan to add another or another. It just happened at a point-in-time where one was going well, solid and strong and the leaders I had didn’t need me anymore. They had leaders of their own and everyone was building and working and BINGO.

I am working on making a difference in our industry.

I have also learned that ALL companies, no matter which, can come and go in our lives.

Companies can grow and change the rules at any time.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, do your homework as best you can. Find a solid company. Work hard at learning and developing the skills you need to grow. Once you do that, when timing is right, add another product line that does not compete with your mix and grow it. And then, add another.

Don’t even consider adding anything but your main company, until you are earning a MINIMUM of 6 figures or more per month.

Brand Yourself, Not ANY Company (unless you own it)\

Promote YOU first and foremost!

Let people know who you are and what you stand for. Show them how they can reach their dreams and help them develop the skills to do that.

If you help enough others get to where they want to be, you will succeed by default. So, you won’t have to worry about yourself.

That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I dare any of those that push systems and tools, to prove to me that they have a primary company where they earn greater than 6 figures per year because of those tools. Never seen one yet.

Me an Expert?.Not!

I am NOT an expert. I am an every day average person that has learned thru trial and error.

I know a lot of people in our industry, and I respect them greatly. There are some very fine people out there. It really is a small world out there.

I know lots that have made millions and I respect them highly. This is a great industry.

I Have a Dream

My dream is to help others reach their dreams.

I’d like to have a small part in developing our industry to be one the average person can truly be successful.

The problem is really NOT our industry, but unrealistic expectations!

People need to know what it really takes, and people need to be willing to learn the skills they need and have more realistic expectations.

Return to Reality

It is totally unrealistic to expect anyone to jump into an MLM company (of any kind) with NO experience, and be making a six- figure income their first year working part time.

That is hogwash.

Most people have never made a six-figure income in their lives. Yet, the hype and lies out there sometimes make them think just joining a MLM will make them rich.

We need to tell the truth to people and we need to debate some of the “hypsters” you see on the forums and around the net.

I would like to challenge everyone that reads this to help me clean up our industry and make a difference. Together we can accomplish great things.

Let’s go out and make a difference