Social Media seems to be the big buzz word today. It seems everyone claims to be a social media expert. People are even building businesses and charging you to run your internet social life. Yet, I have to wonder how many of those you meet are really truly friends, or are they just acquaintances or names on a list.

With all the sites online, it’s hard to know even where to spend your time. There is TwitterEmpire Avenue (the new kid on the block), , Facebook, My Space, Linked-in just to name a few. Each day someone invites you to a new place. IF you were to join all of them, your head would be spinning.

I was thinking about friends. Take a look at your own friends list. How many of them that follow you to do actually talk to? How many do you have a personal relationship with? I’ve met many amazing people online, and over the years we have become great friends. We’ve talked on the phone, online and even visited people all over the world and gotten to know them.

I’ve also thought about others. I see people with thousands and thousands of “friends”. I sometimes wonder if they are really friends, or just trying to win a popularity contest.
I’ll choose real friends over acquaintances any day. How about you?

If you’d like to connect with me, give me a shout. I always like getting to know new people, and sharing ideas.


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