Blogs are fun to learn about.   I used to use blogger.  However, recently found out there are many more features when you use Word Press.  It has all sorts of cool tools built in.

Just this week I was speaking with my friend Ben and mentioned I saw many people that had blogs with signatures.    He said that was an EASY thing to do.   In my mind, I thought, “yea right” and then told him what I thought.

He laughed and said he could show me in a few minutes.  So we quickly called up a webinar screen, logged into my admin.   There right on the left is a menu called plug INS.   If you don’t see one that says “signatures”, then click on “add plug in” and choose one that says signature.

This takes you to a free site where you can choose from many signatures or even create your own.    You can then use it with your blogs.  I think they look cool and are much easier to do than you’d ever imagine.  Try it you’ll like it.  You can’t break it.


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