How many people want to know the secret to losing weight? There really is no secret, it’s quite simple. Eat healthy foods, and move more. If it’s that simple, why do we have such an overweight society? Weight loss is not always easy.

I’ve found in my life that things that are simple to do are sometimes easier NOT to do. It’s all about choices. Sometimes it’s so much more tempting to have that big bowl of ice cream and greasy hamburgers for lunch or dinner, than a nice salad and a piece of fruit.

It’s also much easier to plop down in front of your computer or tv, than it is to go out for a walk or get your body to the gym. People say they want to lose weight, yet sometimes, I think they may want to, but are not willing to put forth the effort to make lost those excess pounds.

People buy into all these easy deals pitched online, Pills, Shakes or whatever. They get on them for a short time and lose weight but they never stay with them for the long haul. Once they quit taking those things, the weight comes back on and then some.

If you are one that does want to lose weight, and keep it off, believe me when you already know the secret to losing weight. In my next post, I’m going to share a cool little gadget that will help you be honest with yourself….. and show you exactly what you’re doing, each day.

You can lose that weight if you truly want to.


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