Many people try to grow a business, but the majority or them fail or quit.  Have you ever thought about the reasons?   Why does one person seem to rise to the top and another one seems to start and fail, over and over?

Actually it’s not really a secret.

I believe the difference is very subtle.  The one that succeeds is the one that simply does something each day to grow their business.   It’s the little things done over time that make a huge difference.   A person that wants to succeed will go to work and make things happen.

Everyone has times that they just don’t feel like working.   A person that succeeds is the one that works regardless.   It’s not that you have to kill yourself, or work yourself into an early grave, but you do have to be focused and committed.

You can have 2 people join something at the exact same moment.   One will do well and the other will give up and quit shortly.  I’ve always said there is NO way to fail at anything short of quitting.  Quitters never win and winners never quit.

If you’re looking to grow a business, plan to be there 5 years later.  Plan to do something daily and work when you don’t feel like it. Take consistent daily action and don’t let anything get in your way.  If you will do that, over time you’ll be the one that succeeds.

Hope to see you at the top.


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