Have you ever thought about retirement? You may be young but one day everyone reaches an age where they may want to retire.

When that time comes, will you have enough money to live on? Retirement is the time when many end up living on 50% less than they what they struggled to live on when they were working.

Have you given that time any thought? Today many people start to save money in 401K’s or other savings to save up for later in life. Unfortunately, many times these people borrow or take money out of their funds for a new home, or sending children to college. When they use the money, they end up paying a lot of extra taxes. They also find that they can’t afford to repay themselves so their savings go down.

What will you do in the future when you are retirement age? Do you have a Plan B?

Today it’s not enough to just have a JOB. Many that had good paying jobs, found they were replaced when their boss could get someone to do it for less. Jobs are no longer secure. You can’t depend on having job with benefits for your entire life.

Take charge and do something about it. Think about creating a business of your own that will build over time and pay you, so you can enjoy life, and also have extra to save for the “golden years”.

If you think you’re too young to think about retirement, think again. Those years will go very fast. Blink and 10 years rolls by. The older you get the faster time goes.

Start to make plans for what you will do when that time comes. It’s well worth thinking about and planning early.


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