In other articles I have spoken about how important it is to qualify your prospects so that you only spend your valuable time on those who have true potential to join and  help build your team.  Some people are wondering, what type of questions do you ask them to find out if they are a quality prospect?

Here are few examples of questions you can ask. 

Prospecting QuestionsHow many hours a week can you commit to growing your business?  If they cannot commit any time, then they are not serious.  They should not  give excuses.  If they say they only have 5 hours a week, then that is fine, that is what you work with, but they need to give a firm commitment on how much time they can spend, and not be wishy washy, or say they “might” or thy will “try”, they need to say they can and will!

How much can you invest per month in marketing and lead generation to grow your business? 

They need to have some type of budget, even if it is only enough to print and hand out fliers or to do $50 in pay per click a month.  They need to have some commitment.

How much do you want to make a month in your first 6 months? 

Set some expectations and see where your prospect stands, and if their goals are realistic in respect with the time and money they can commit.  You can reword this question to e 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.  As a matter of fact it is best to get them to commit to several milestones.

There are many other questions you can ask or variations of the above.  The key is to get a feel for their enthusiasm and commitment.  But note, not all will be super enthusiastic at first, many will need to be more educated or have fears eased.  However, if they can give these base commitments on any level, and have goals, they are a qualified prospect you should continue to work with over time, vs. those who are simply looking to get rich overnight.


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