If you are offered something “free”, or an ebook because you bought something else, proceed with caution. A lot of times you may buy something online, and the site will offer you some bonuses.

Usually the free bonus, is to capture your contact information, your email or phone number, so they can put you on a list to sell you more and more things.

Having been burned so many times I have learned to be careful and look at all the angels. If I do sign up for something, I have also learned to use a junk email address. There were too many times, I didn’t know better and then got put on a mailing list and buried alive.

It’s always best to take time before making that purchase. Ask around, ask others that bought the same thing. If you insist on signing up for a free bonus, be sure to set up a junk mail address. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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