We’ve been making a point to see more of our own United States.   Having lived in the southeast all my life, I’m used to heat, hurricanes, and beaches.   I’m not too used to snow, sleet, and cold.   We also have flat land, no mountains.

One place I always heard about and wanted to see was Portland, Oregon.  We decided to take a trip and check it out.  We and found it was a very interesting city.

This is a city that seems to have a lot to offer.  While we were there I think we brought the sunshine and warm weather.  It was very hot but drier than Florida.   We heard from people there the weather was not the norm.

The city has lots of public transportation and we met people downtown that lived there without even a car.   The train runs from the airport thru downtown and into the suburbs.   We rented a car, but also tried out the trains and found them unique.   At rush hour they were very crowded, but other times they were interesting.

The trains downtown were free.  You only paid if you went out of a certain area.  We wandered all over down town, saw the water front, a haunted pizza place, and their city market.   We also decided to see what a beach was like on the other coast.   We found to get to the beach from the city, you had to drive about 1 ½ hours thru the forest and mountains.   It was noticeably cooler in that area.

Arriving at the town of Seaside, we found a quaint beach town, with shops similar to what you’d find in Florida.  The difference ended there.

Down on the beach the sand was much darker and the water was plain ICE.  I had to put my feet in the water, and it was like soaking in total ice water.  We also found it pretty to have mountains going into the water.   It was very different from Florida.

I thought it very neat to be at the ocean, and yet see mountains on the beach.

We visited other places like the Rose Gardens, the tram over the city and the Japanese village.  There are lots of things to see and do in the Portland Area.

If you are from the east and have never been west  Portland is a very wonderful city to visit.


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