A month or so ago, I attended a home show. I was looking for several different things I wanted for my home. I was very interested in researching ventors with the items I was interested in.

I stopped, and talked to many vendors. I entered their “drawings” and put my information into their bowls and asked that they contact me. I was totally amazed at the lack of follow up.

Yes they sent me home with literature, and phone numbers, etc. They paid for brochures and marketing materials they were handing out in their booths. I took home items of interest and then I waited to see who followed up with me. I believe the fortune is in the follow up, and if I express an interest by stopping by their booth, the next move is theirs.

Out of the last show, with hundreds of booths, only TWO (2) vendors gave me a call, none emailed, and none sent me anything in the mail. This was a show that cost them several thousand dollars for a booth for 3 days.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see the lack of follow up. Why would anyone spend that kind of money and then not bother to follow up?

The 2 that did follow up with me, had 2 different products I wanted. I had them out to the house, and also researched their references and backgrounds. Since they took time to follow up I ended up buying from them.

From one I purchased a $900 item, and the 2nd placed a $4,000 order. There were still other things I’m interested in, however, I would never do business with anyone that didn’t follow up.

If you’re in business, you definitely need to follow up. The person that follows up is the one that gets the business.

How about you, do you follow up? If not, why not? You can pick up the phone and call someone or send direct mail following your event. If you don’t take time to follow up, someone serious about buying will buy from someone else.

I’m still in the market for a few more products, however, I refuse to do business with anyone that does not take time to follow up. I’ll keep on looking until I find people with enough sense to follow up.

The fortune is always in the follow up.


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