While a lot of articles and programs say that you can get tons of free traffic and leads for your business, it is easier said then done.  Some of the ancient, now in most cases totally worthless methods of generating “free” traffic are:

  • FFA or Free for All links and link exchanges
  • Email blasts to safe lists (sometimes a small charge, but often free)
  • Consistent posting on free, untargeted, spammed classified sites

A few, mostly free methods, as far as cash outlay, but they do take time and expertise, ways of generating leads are:

  • Craigslist advertising (or other non spammed classified sites)
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media

However,  some of these methods take a certain expertise and they are not necessarily “free” as they do cost you time, energy, and resources to complete.  If you are a good writer, then you have no cash outlay, but you do have to spend your time, which means it is not totally free.

There is nothing wrong with paid advertising and the best type, online or probably anywhere, is PPC or pay per click advertising, or some type of pay for performance advertising.  This might include buying leads, but unless you have a good source and the leads are targeted you can spend a lot of money and frustration and not get very far.

With Google adwords, PPC, you can ultra target your exact customer profile to your website or phone #, on practically any budget, even $5 a day.  Obviously in most cases you need more than that if you are in a competitive field, but the point is that you can get guaranteed clicks to your site, so you want to be specific and non evasive to the searcher so that when they click they get what they expect and you will have higher conversions.

There is a lot to PPC as far as setting it up, but it is not so complicated that you can’t jump over to Google, and walk through their set up process, and have your ad words account running in a couple hours and clicks and leads coming within a day or so.

If you have been struggling with quality traffic or traffic at all, go a head and give PPC a try, it can make all the difference, and you are guaranteed  TARGETED clicks!


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