I ended up buying a Nissan Quest.  I walked into the showroom floor and saw the car on the floor.  It was newly designed, and appears to have all the features I was looking for.  It also said it actually got 19 MPG around the city.  That was impressive to me with it being as big as it was.

After buying the car, I found that 19 MPG not to be true.   Around town actual mileage is about 16-18 tops.

I like the fact that the Quest has a lot of room.  After having owned it for a few months,  I think if I was looking for another mini van, I’d look for a bench seat in the middle as when I take 5 people with me, one has to sit on the bench seat in the back and there is only seating for 2 in the middle  Overall it is very comfortable for 7 adults to travel  but a little strange if you had  only 5.

If you have the back seat up, there is a deep well behind it that will store luggage or any thing you buy at a store and till have more room than  a small car.  Size and storage are excellent.   You do have to be extra careful driving though as it does have a big blind spot.

The car also is keyless, push button start and push button everything.  It really spoils you in not having to hunt for keys when shopping.  On the down side, if you lose a key, you can’t just go buy one.  You must order the shell from the dealer and go down and have the entire car reprogrammed.   I did that and decided to get a spare key at the same time…. it was a 4 hour wait and $300 plus to get the keys and car reprogrammed.

Should you have one of these cars, and you’re going on a trip, better take a spare key just in case since they only place you can get a key is thru a dealer, and if you lose a key in the middle of no where, you’re in trouble.  On a plus side, it would be hard for anyone to steal your car without a key it won’t work.  IF they went to the dealer, to get one, they have to give identification and have the car with them.

The Quest is fabulous on trips, but really is a bit much for puttering around town.  You can’t just whip into a parking lot as it takes a bigger space.   It does have a back up camera so you can see while backing up but still need to look around the sides.

If you’re looking for space,  it’s got a lot.  If you’re looking for short quick trips, it’s  probably not for you.



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