What if you build a business and it was highly successful?

What if you could be financially free?   Would you be willing to invest 3-5 years working steadily 10-15 hours extra a week if you knew you could create independence?

I truly believe those willing to go to work and take our industry SERIOUS enough to put their nose to the grindstone and work can be successful.  Key word is “WORK”,  and being consistent.

Anyone that wants to can make it work, if they are willing to learn and grow.  Compare building a business it to college. You go to college  and it’s MEGA Bucks.  My grandson just is finishing his second year in College.  It’s very pricey.

Even with scholarships,  it still costs about $10,000 or more for  two semesters.   Our state has a program where they pay about 75% of tuition  if you qualify.  Even with that,  you still have to pay for books and other things and the costs add up rapidly into the thousands of dollars.

Now think of this…..at the end of years of paying all this money out,  they get a piece of paper.  They then are turned lose to go out and search for a JOB.  If they are one of the lucky ones that finds one, most get to pay back all the student loans. If they are fortunate and didn’t have to borrow too much they may have their loan paid off in 4 or 5 years.   They also start at low wages and have to compete with hundreds of others for the few jobs that may be open.

What if instead, they put the time spent studying and money spent for books and tuition into building a network marketing business?   What if they worked it for the same hours as class and spend the studying time in personal development.  What if they built a business, slowly over the years?

I think they would have spent a LOT less money and after 5 years, be making good money if they worked it.

Think about that.

I truly believe our industry is the answer for our future.   We have no major over head.  We don’t have to search for a JOB where we make someone else rich.    Here our income and potential is up to us.  Network Marketing is the future.   Have you ever considered it.

People can work from their homes, and help others do the same.  People can start out part time to create some extra income.

Our industry is truly a blessing and a way to reach out and help others.    I know there are those out there that claim it does not work, but if you ask them, it’s because they signed up and had a few people tell them no, so they quit.  People don’t like to blame themselves to they blame the industry for their lack of success.

Next time someone tells you Network Marketing doesn’t work,  dig deeper. As questions.  Ask them things like what experience they had,  how hard did they work?   What company did they choose?  As in any industry there are good and bad things.  Perhaps they picked a fly by night and didn’t do their due diligence.   I’ve had my own share of bad things but the good certainly way outweighs the bad.  I’m so thankful I didn’t let the negative people keep me from building.

Network Marketing is my full time income.   If I had not chosen to build a business, I’d be living today on peanuts.   I’m very grateful for this industry.

We’re all have a chance to be build a solid future.  We can over come the challenges of our bad economy and together we can make a difference.   If it’s to be, it starts and ends with each one of us.

See you all at the top one day!


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