If you’re like me, you’re not exactly a health junky. In fact, many times I say I’m allergic to exercise. It’s much easier to lay on the beach, or sit around than to get all hot and sweaty
in some gym.

I finally found something that will keep me motivated to move and actually see results.
I promised in my last article to let the world know about this little item that will show you how to get moving more. It’s called a fitbit. It helps you to get moving more.

IF you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of a fitbit. One of my team mates posted on facebook about many steps she’d taken according to her fitbit. I asked her what a fit bit was and she told me. It’s a great way to see if you’re as active as you think you might be.

I went there and watched all the information and decided it was just what I needed. I saw they offered free shipping but I didn’t want to wait, so I went down to the local Best Buys and picked one up the next day.

I had this thing only 2 weeks and could tell a big difference. I lost it and immediately went and bought a 2nd one. I found out that Best Buys were no longer carrying them. I did find them at the Apple store. Later I found Brookstones, Target and Staples carry them.

You can add in your friends, and it will track what you’re doing to what they are doing, which motivates you as well. if you know like me that we all need to be more active but you hate exercise, I highly recommend you get a fitbit. If you do, and want me to add you to my friends list so we can encourage each other just let me know. Lets get moving more and encourage each other.


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