I’ve noticed over the past year or so, there are more and more “social media experts”, mentors and gurus cropping up online.   They have some impressive sounding videos, blogs, or even courses they offer for sale.

Have you ever wondered why you would need to share your hard earned cash with them?  What will they teach you?  Many of the lessons they are sharing can be found free online, or at a local library.

Instead of telling you the truth, they all want you to follow them.  

If you are looking for a mentor, take time to check out the background of those claiming to be coaches or experts.  What have they accomplished that they can teach you?   What are they selling?


If they are in the field of Network Marketing, what company or companies are they with or have they been with in their past life?  What success or failure have they had?   Can they give you references of those they have helped succeed that actually are making a full time living at it?    Are they making a full time living?

Unfortunately online, they can build fancy web sites, and make themselves look very successful.   Many times the opposite is true.   They maybe hiding in a dump  or a trailer someplace, dead broke yet looking for their next prey.  Don’t let it be you.

If you are looking for them to mentor and coach you on how to build a Network Marketing company, wouldn’t you want to know that they have actually built one and made decent money at it?

How can anyone mentor you in success if they have never been a success?   Would you rather listen to someone that learned, and did it, or someone that just claims to be an expert?  Do your own homework.  Don’t buy into everything they want to sell you.

I see an awfully lot of people that I personally know online, selling themselves as mentors.  They sound good cause they tell you what you want to hear.  Unfortunately, most of  those I know have never been successful themselves, yet they are trying to sell others into following them.

I’m just amazed at how many social media experts are cropping up.  Funny thing most of them have pages that look alike.  That’s because they bought into a “system” and now they are trying to get others to buy in, so they will make money when you buy all the stuff they recommend.

Use common sense folks.  You don’t need to buy into all these things they are selling you out here.   I work in this industry full time, and make a decent living.   I don’t buy all the courses, leads, dialers, ads and junk they are selling.   You don’t have to either.

If you’re willing to go to work, you can build a business without those gurus and mentors.   I have never charged anyone for advice or help, and I never will.   I learned most everything on my own, read books, listened to tapes and just stayed focused and on course.  I did it, and I know if I did it, anyone can.

Upward and onward.


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