I have been hesitant about upgrading all my MAC’s to Lion.  I had heard a lot of horror stories so I kept thinking I would do it and then not.

However I learned that Mobile ME is going way so I am forced to either upgrade or be without the new Cloud.  My IPADS and phone use the cloud but not my MAC’s.

I finally decided to take is slow.   I  bought a new MAC Air  and it came with Lion I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the Air.  It’s so much lighter and easy to carry around.  I bought the top one so it’s instant and quick.

Even thought I have the new MAC,  I am still thinking I do need to upgrade the others over the next month……  I’ll keep you posted when I do.   Hope you all will keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

The worst that could happen is the IMAC will crash and I do have a backup.   If you’re like me thought I’d rather spend my time building my business then figuring out how to fix a crash.


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