I think most of America wants to lose weight.  Just look around.  You see ads all over selling some magic pill or potient to lose weight.   A lot of times people buy into those things,  follow directions and lose a little.  However, as soon as they quite using the product sold, they gain it back.

I was so impressed by my friends weight loss that I went and joined Weight Watchers, with another friend.  It’s going to be an ongoing learning experience.  I was shocked when I learned the portion sizes.     They are MUCH smaller than I ever realized.

They give you a choice.  You can eat anything you want but you have to get in a certain number of balanced foods.  After 2 weeks  following their directions, I’ve lost 7 pounds so far.   The hardest thing for me is getting in all the types of foods they want.  They even want you to have “healthy oils” , dairy,  vegetables, and fruits.

I decided I just need to relearn how to eat the right sizes and also change my choices, so I’m eating healthier.  I’ll check in and keep you posted on how it goes.

They do have a cool new ap, so you can track things right from your phone.  It makes life easier.



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