I’m not talking about a lion in a zoo.  Lion is apples newest operating system.  It’s been out about a year and I hear soon to be replaced with Mountain Lion.   It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest technology.

Having just bought the new air,  Lion came on it, so I jumped in and started using it.  Apple appears to be making the operating system more like the phones and iPads where you can swipe and use gestures.  So far other than being able to set up and leave desktops in tack and swipe over to the next one,  I don’t see a hugh change in most other things.

There is an new iPhoto and Mail added a few features, but if you had a MAC before it’s easy to use the new stuff.   I’ve found the transition almost seamless.   Apple does have a tendency to make things simple.  Simple is usually best.

If you haven’t taken the plunge,  I would highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon and moving to Apple.  If you’ve been waiting,  nothing more to wait for.  Just do it.


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