I just returned from Las Vegas.  Las Vegas is definitely not my favorite place.  Unless you like to waste money gambling,  paying triple prices to eat or drink, or you enjoy getting handed junk porno cards on the streets you probably won’t like it either.

This is a city for those that like to gamble and drink or party.  It’s not a city to go to unless you don’t mind getting run over with masses of people crowding the streets, or love the smell of smoke.   It’s full of smokers and gamblers.

I try to be positive about most things, however the best thing I could say about Vegas, it it was wonderful to leave :))  I could not wait to get out of there, and I normally love traveling and seeing different places.  I only pray it’s the last time I have to go to Las Vegas.
We only went out there the past 2 years for conventions. Last year we stayed at the Mirage.  We felt ripped off when they tacked on extra fees of $25 per night for a bathrobe in our room that we didn’t even use.   This year we decided to move across the road to Harrah’s with no resort fee.   Neither hotel had any decent service and both charge outrageous prices; like $4-5 for a can of coke or bottle of water,  $12-15 for a sandwich and $25 upwards for a buffet.
Harrah’s put items in our contract that they didn’t even have available.  I was totally amazed.   They also took over 2 hours to check us in for a room and we only found TWO employes out of the hundreds there that were polite.
If you are going to Vegas,  DO NOT take a hotel on the strip.   We found the last night there an amazing restaurant one block OFF the strip called Ellis Island.  I would HIGHLY recommend them.  They food was amazing and service exceptional.  We had a huge steak dinner there for 4 people, with vegetables, potatoes, salad and beer or root beer at a total cost of UNDER $35 for all 4 of us. On the strip if you ate a smaller meal for one person you’d pay much more.
Ellis Island is only one block off the strip.
We also went down to Freemont street to see all the weirdos, and lights.  Prices there were slightly less than the strip if you wanted a few things to take home, but food was not much less there.
If you plan a trip to Las Vegas,  just know ahead of time, if you plan to eat, don’t leave home without a huge bankroll unless you plan to avoid the strip.    Hope this information is of help to any of you that travel.


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