If you are building a business, or looking for customers first impressions are everything. You may be excellent at what you do, but if you make a bad first impression, you may not get the business.

I was thinking back in time. Back in the late 70’s we purchased our first brand new Ford. We were excited. While the car was still under warranty, it had all sorts of crazy things that went wrong. The dealer never could repair it, so we never knew when we’d be stranded. Needless to say that left a bad taste in our mouths for buying another Ford of any kind.

Fast forward to today. I know many people that buy and love Fords. I’ve seen some models that really are nice looking but as soon as I see the label Ford on the car, I think back to my first Ford and I don’t give it another thought. My first impression goes to the one we had that wouldn’t stay running.

On the other hand in the 80’s we bought a Honda. It was great, we drove it for many years, and later gave it to my daughter. She drove it many years, and sold it to a friend. The car never had any issues, and lasted until her friend wrecked it. So we had a good impression of Hondas.

While you can get a lemon in any type vechile, first impressions are everything. How to you represent the product or business you’re selling? Remember, people buy from those they know, love and trust. First impressions are everything. Be sure you’re making a good one.


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