Apple has the neatest way of keeping on top of things and making life easier for us all.  Recently they updated announced they would be updating ICal  (the calendar to keep you on top of things).

If you have an IPAD, IPHONE , Macbook or IMAC  you can now keep one calendar, add your even to any of the devices and syne it using Mobile me and you’ll ge right on top of everything.

It’s totally cool.    You simply  get a subscription to Mobile Me, and it keeps everything up for you, just like having your own private virtual assistant.  Never be late or miss an appointment.  Have your calender beep and remind you no matter what device you’re on.

All you have to do is update your new calender  and you’re good to go.  Typical of Apple update is free.

I’m so thankful I made the change to Apple.  I never realized how difficult things were with Windows and their drivers, updates and stuff you need to do to keep on top of things.   Be sure to update your ICAL and enjoy being on top of everything.

Apple ROCKS!


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