Still trying to decide what my next vehicle will be, we visited the Honda Store. We presently have the 2010 Pilot and love it. Hubby wanted me to get one too, however it seemed boring having 2 of the same car.

SO I looked at the new Oddessy. I really liked some of the features, like the power seats that fold themselves up, in the EXL and the CD machine that just copies in your CD’s so you don’t have to store them, plus the easy set up for your phone in the dash, and the push button doors that open automatically.

Still there was NO back up sensors in that model. To get the sensors you have to go up to the touring model for about $5,000 – 7,000 more. That model also comes with the navigation (which I don’t care about having anyway) Or they will charge you $800 more to install them on the other model.

I liked the style and room of it, yet, I’m not 100% convinced I see myself in a mini van. My kids are grown, and it seems like a car for a family with kids.

I’ll be looking at many other SUV’s and I guess minivans to see which have the best features. Some people tell me I should get a sports car, but I like being up high and having lots of room when I want to travel, or take 6 or 7 people with me. I think I’d be lost with a small 5 passenger anything. I like the 3rd row seats and features of the bigger models.

IF you’re reading my blog and have suggestions, feel free to contact me. I figure if I’m going to hand over $40-50K or more, I want the features I want. Since I really don’t have to rush, I can take my time, and look as I go along.

The funny thing about cars, is you think they look cool till you get in and drive them. You have to figure out if you really can see yourself in the model you’re looking at.


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