While waiting for the salesman to get out an Odessy for us to look at, we saw a really cute little car on the show room floor. It was a CRV, however, the one on the show room floor had cloth seats and not too many features.

When the salesman came back, we asked to look at this CRV, but one that was the top of the line with everything on it. He found one and brought it around for us to look at.

It had the look and feel of the Odessy, in that there was room up front to put your purse (one feature I DEFINITELY want). It had some nice features and was rated at 21 MPG city and 29 HWY which was not too bad.

On the down side, there was no 3rd row seat, and it would be a little small for traveling. If the grandkids came to visit it would make it rough without enough seating.

It did have a very unique trunk, with a panel that went across the back trunk area so you could put things out of site underneath or if you had a lot, you could stack it on top. I thought that was cool.

It also had a sun roof. Since I have melanoma, I’m not supposed to be in the sun, so to me that type roof is useless. I prefer to spend the time I do go in the sun at the beach, not driving.

The down side for Hondas is all of the top of the line ones do not come without sun roofs. You can’t even order one without a sun roof. The CRV we looked at appeared to be leaking in the roof, as the top was wet.

We had a lot of rain the past few days but that should have been no reason for a roof to leak

Anyway, if you’re not looking for that 3rd row and you want better gas mileage, the CRV might be what you’re looking for.


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