Just rented a 2011 GMC Terrain to be able to take a longer test drive. We had it for a week, which gave us time to test and find the pros and cons.

Overall it was pretty decent. The car handled very well, and got some decent gas mileage. We drove all over New York State, and were surprised that when stopping for gas most of the time, we’d used only 6 or 7 gallons.

We decided to take the mileage and found it was getting 24-25 MPG in a combo of city and highways. We didn’t think that was too bad for a crossover, however, it was not the 32 MPG claimed on the websites. We’re used to our SUV where we get about 17-18 MPG so it did do better than we were used to.

We’re also used to a larger crossover, with the 3rd row seating. We found the trunk area a little small for our tastes. We normally travel with big luggage, and while it did fit, if we were traveling with the other things we bring, it definitely would not have the room.

We liked the drive, it was smooth and quiet, however we found the AC system not well laid out. There is no back air, because the vehicle is smaller. The front air vents are not well positioned. One blows right onto the steering wheel, so when driving unless you want freezing hands, you have to close that one off.

The radio/and DVD player, were difficult to figure out. It appeared they had satellite radio, but we were unable to get more than the advertising of the channels, so thought perhaps the rental agency had not subscribed.

The upper model shown on TV had a Movie player, however, the model we rented did not have that feature. It’s not a big deal unless you have children traveling with you, and then it might come in handy.

The cruise control was very tricky and not easy to use or figure out how to turn off and on. They had some strange looking buttons and they were hard to figure out.

The car had storage in the middle, however, the door panels were not laid out and you could not put a magazine or anything large in any of the panels.

Overall if you want a smaller SUV it would be a good car. We just found it too small for what we’re looking for so will keep on testing and looking.

It’s a good idea to rent the car you’re considering so you can give yourself a really good test. For us, we will pass on the GMC Terrain, as we’re looking for a bigger vehicle, with more features.


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