The next car I looked at was the GMC Arcadia. It’s a bigger version of the Terrain. Gas mileage is lower, only 17 city and 24 highway.

The Arcadia has seating for 7, and had some good features in the upper end models. One thing I found though it they eliminated the adjustable seat feature for passengers, which is one of our criteria. The seat goes back and forth but NOT up and down.

After the manager went to check on the 2012 model to see if that was a feature there, he reported it was not. In order to get that feature, you have to go to the Denali which is loaded but the cost is about $5,000-6,000 more than the upper end Arcadia.

They then suggested we look at the Enclave. This vehicle replaced the RVD about 4 years ago. I never liked the fact that it looked like a lemon and didn’t have any of the features my RVD had. Still the high end Enclave didn’t have the seat features.

They also suggested we look at the Yukon, however, I found it MUCH too big. It was taller and looked like it would be a pain to get around in. I’m looking for midsize SUV’s with the features I want.

A few of the things I did like about the Arcadia was it had a better layout for those of us that want a place to put purses. The console shifted to the rear, and it also had AC adjustments, in the back seat as well as vents for the 3rd row.

It’s a good thing I’m not in any hurry for my car. I decided this time I would be sure to get all the features I wanted and have the layout I want as well. I’ll keep on looking until I find what I want to buy and then I’ll take it home.


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