Is there a time in your life where you really feel like NOT doing anything?   IF you’re building a business do you ever feel bogged down, bored, or just plain lazy?   If so what do you do to get out of that “FUNK”?  How do you motivate yourself?

I’ve found this happens to people all the time.  They just get sidetracked or let life get in the way.   What I’ve found myself,  is when I don’t feel like doing any thing,  I force myself to get busy doing something.  The more I make myself do something other than sit around,  the better I feel.

So if you’re in a funk,  just get up, and pick the one thing you don’t want to do most, and tackle it right then.   Try it.  It works.    You will accomplish more and get those dreaded tasks out of the way and actually feel good.

Hope to see you at the top?


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