Do you have all the freedom you want in your life?  Are you able to come and go as you please?  Do you have all the time and money you want to enjoy the finer things of life?

Do you have a good paying job, or do you not have a job at all?   Are you working long hours or do you have time freedom?

I’ve been in both places.  Once I had what people say a “real job”.   I got up early before dawn, got ready and reported for duty, rain or shine.  I worked hard and I worked long hours as I was taught that all my life.  Get a job,  work hard to retirement age and retire with a pension.

That type life has all but disappeared today.  Jobs are scarce and if you have one you work really hard to make someone else rich. Jobs are no longer secure.    Our once wonderful country, have sent a lot of work overseas because it’s cheap.   Those left with a job, are told to be thankful they have one.

I am thankful I do NOT have one.  About 20 years ago,  I started seeing the job work deteriorate.    I decided to do something different so I wouldn’t get to retirement ago and be dead broke.    It was not the norm but I decided to build my own business and get into the field of Network Marketing.   People laughed at me, others told me “no one makes money in those things”.

I didn’t listen and today I’m thankful I didn’t pay attention.  Today I truly have total freedom.  I choose when and if I feel like working.  I choose when and where I travel.  I come and go on my terms.     I drive the car I choose to drive and I buy what I want when I want.   I finally know what freedom is.

How about you?   Do you have the freedom you desire?   Is life going the way you want it to? If not,  it may be time for a change in your  own life.

Wish you the best in all you do.




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