How many times have you had someone contact you to tell you about a new “FREE” opportunity.   All you need to do is sign up, and sit back and wait for the checks to roll in…..right?   Most of the time, if you fall for this, you’ll learn free is quite expensive.

It may be free to sign up.  It may be free to share with others, however, if no one pays anything, or buys anything or sells a product or service the end result will be that you earn NOTHING.   You will be spinning your wheels and wasting your time and time IS money.

Another thing that happens, is you share this free opportunity, and get a few friends or relatives to sign up because it is free.   What’s happening is you’re building someone else’s mailing list.    They take your name and the names of those joining you, and sell them to leads companies or other places that want to pitch and sell you all sorts of things.

So now you find the truly free is quite expensive.  You’ve wasted your time working for free.   You’ve built a list for someone else, and worse yet,  now all of you will be emailed, called or texted with lots of junk.  That too wastes your time.

Don’t fall for anyone that tells you it’s free to join.  Don’t put your information in just because they tell you it’s free.   Nothing in life worth having or doing is really truly free.   You either invest money to start up a business, or a lot ot hours and sweat equity.   Either way,  free is not really truly free.

Use  common sense, and check things out and don’t buy into the hype.


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