Lately I’ve noticed more and more “fancy web sites” growing around the web.  The funny thing, if you look further, a lot of them look alike because they are built around some sort of affiliate type deal, or a canned site.

A lot of times they are offering something that sounds too good to be true.  If you’re on a fancy web site, selling you something for a certain amount,  if you go to the bottom or click thru,  a lot of times the price goes down.  If you actually leave the site,  they will make a better and better offer.

It amazes me how people are still falling for all the fancy sales pitches.  Do yourself a favor,  if the offer too good to be true,  take a night to sleep on it, and read it again the next day.  Do your homework and be sure the product they are selling is one you just can’t live without.  Many times you can even find the information  elsewhere for  free.

Don’t be fooled by fancy web sites.


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