No matter what people say about facebook slowing down, the fact is that there are still millions and millions of active users.  Practically everyone has a Facebook account.  If you are in business, and yo do not have a Facebook “page” for your business, you are missing out on a vital opportunity to reach your customers, current and future, on their terms.  Remember, most people Facebook for Customerswho spend money are now using mobile devices, and most use Facebook on their mobiles as well, so you can reach them almost instantly if you do it right.

First, be sure you have a Facebook page for your business, not a separate personal account that simply uses your business name.  Two reasons for this; one if you use a personal account for business, you are violating Facebook terms and they can shut your account down after you spend a lot of time building it up, and two, there are things about a Facebook page such as naming it to help with SEO, and different lead capture apps that you can use that are not available on a personal account.

Second, you need to make sure you have a landing page on your FB page so that you can offer some type of hook to get people to like your page.  This is the same idea as report give-aways and such on web capture pages.

Third, have a good cover image that shows your logo, branding, and USP (unique selling point).   This is important to show professionalism, and you can switch it out at holidays to keep things fun and updated.

Fourth, make sure you offer good information on your page and do not over do it.  Some companies have reason to post several times a day, others only a couple times a week.  Look for local events to post sometimes so your customers stay interested and looks at you as a good source of helpful information, not just a business trying to sell them.

Finally, make sure you give more information than you do “offers”.  Obviously you want to build your business, but people are going to remove your page from their feed or ignore you if all you ever do is try to get them to come to your business, click to order, etc.  Be sure to offer at least 4-5 pieces of usable, good information to them for every offer or business related post.  If possible try to make it a 10:1 ratio.

Hopefully these tips will help you build better relationships with past and future customers on Facebook.  There are a lot of people out there who can also help you set up and maintain your Facebook pages for business, if you need help and do not want to do it yourself.  The key is, get it done one way or another!



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