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If you have been to Florida, and still never had the opportunity to visit Orlando, then you have missed out on something special. The city of Orlando, Fl is considered as a major attraction in Florida, and not just in Florida, even people from across neighboring states come to the city of Orlando to have great vacation.

There are plenty of things you could choose to do in Orlando Florida, moreover, there are a number of free things you could take part in.

• Take time out and visit Disney market place. It’s absolutely free, and if you are traveling along with your kids, makes sure you go to Lego center. There is no charge to visit Lego center.

• Kelly Park is another location, which doesn’t change anything. Visitors could enter free of cost and enjoy to the hilt. You would love the various sporting facility available at the park.

Water sport at Kelly Park Orlando is one of the best sports to indulge upon. You would also be able to take part in rock climbing.

• Ocala natural forest is the best place to visit in the city of Orlando. No charge whatsoever, the forest is a perfect place to hike. It is also a very good picnic venue.

• Cornell fine arts museum is never to miss tourist destination in Orlando Florida, especially, if you are an art lover.

• The most remarkable feature of Orlando city is its offering of free concert for its people. Weekend nights would be perfect windows on your schedule to hear free concert at old town area.

You would also find exhibitions of vintage cars every weekend at the old town.

• Fort museum historical museum park is one of the best free places in the city of Orlando. You would-be able to view replica sized fort Christmas.


Visiting Orlando does not only mean spending money on theme parks and dinner shows. Orlando FL local guide lists numerous superb free things to do in Orlando Florida for travelers.


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