I woke up this morning to a call from my banker telling me I needed to transfer some funds into my checking account.  It seems my account was “overdrawn”.  My first reaction was NO WAY.   I knew I had plenty of money in my checking account.

Ten years ago, I would have freaked out, been worried and upset.  Back then even a small amount of money would have driven me nuts.   I would have been very upset and worried

Instead, I just laughed.  I knew that they had to be wrong.  I went to check the account, saw they had a balance in the red and transferred in some money.  The Banker again asked me if I wanted to “link” accounts so nothing would ever bounce, but I didn’t.  I prefer to hear from them immediately and get it fixed.

I then went and printed out their records to compare with my own.   Going down the list most things matched and I went to where I had no more outstanding checks.   I then went to look at deposits, and found a deposit I had made at the bank two weeks prior was not put into my account.

I found the receipt and took it to them.   They could not immediately tell me where my money was but I wasn’t too worried.  Within an hour they called to say they had located my deposit and it would be in my account within 24 hours.   It was.   They also charged me several fees of $35 each for “their error”.   I had to call and get that fixed and I was back to the future.

Ten years ago I lived paycheck to paycheck.   Back then I would have totally lost it if that had happened.   This time I felt calm and not phased at all.   The amount was quite large but I figured it would get fixed.   I’ve learned to go with the flow and I no longer live paycheck to paycheck.

It’s a much better way to live.  I know too that If I can do this, so can you.   Stop living by counting pennies and find a way to a better life.  Find and build residual income that comes in even and keeps on growing.  It’s out there waiting for you.

It’s certainly nothing that will fall in your lap, however, if you are willing to go to work daily, little by little, to grow a business.  You do can live a lifestyle where you can enjoy life.    Live life on your terms.   I know if I did it you can too.   Get started today.   Don’t put it off.


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