There are so many diets around that most everyone has tried dieting at one point in their live.  I tend to try out them all, but sooner or later I fall back on old ways and habits.  How about you?

Over the years,  I’ve tried every diet known to man and probably some never heard of.   Who doesn’t want to lose weight?   Most of the diets did work when you stick with them, but when you went back to normal eating,  the weight will usually come back.   Many times more comes back with it.


I’ve tried the Atkins Diet, diets with shakes, diets with pills,  sugarbusters diet.   I’ve been to place where they have you eat only their food.     I’ve found that really,  NONE of them are for the long haul.   If I had back all the money I’ve spent on diets,  it would be a pretty penny.
I have found ONE that does work, where you eat real food.  You can eat anything you want in fact.   I started on this one with a good friend about 3 months ago.   I’ll keep let you know what it is and keep you up to date on how we’re doing. as we go along.   There is hope for everyone!!!


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