Why is it that some people that choose to build an MLM business, seem to run out and sell everyone on being a distributor? It baffles me. Not everyone will want to be a distributor of any product or service, but many would become your customer if they liked your product. Don’t run off customers by trying to make them sell your product. All businesses need customers.

When you go to shop at any store, do they service you as a customer or do they try to sell you the store and have you open one?

Think about this. What If I wanted to open a retail store? What if I was the first Walmart EVER? I work and build and stock up the store. I open the doores but begin to think how much better it would be if I had a 2nd store accrosse town. So I go off and build store number 2. I get that one stocked and opened and then I start on a 3rd in another city.

I now have 3 stores. Sounds gooe, however, I have NEVER tried to attract any custoemrs. If I never had one customer in any of them, how much money would I make?

A Network Marketing business built right works the same way. It’s about everyone getting a handful of customers that use the products or services. When you’re talking to people, as them what THEY want. If they want to be a customer only, don’t rund them off by twisting their arms to get the to be a distributor.

Look for people that want to make extra income for distributors. Let customers be customers and don’t confuse the two.

Customers are your foundation, so teach everyone to start with customers and you will buld a healthy thriving business over the years. Happy customers are the lifeblood of any business. Give good customer service and they will be a source of many future referrals.

Never ever forget, all businesses need customers to be stable. MLM is no different.


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